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Hello, hello! Today it is my pleasure to introduce Snowy Tree. I know, there's a ton of trees, not just with us, but out there in general. But this one is special. This one has been years in the making. I broke out my special skills of patience and perseverance to create this hand drawn tree. Stamped singularly on its own, it's supposed to look like a magnificent tree in the forest covered with glistening snow. That single tree image, for me, depicts the wondrous beauty of the holiday season. Fun fact: We came up with over 10 different versions of this tree, each one drawn in completely different styles! This is the clear winner in my heart, I hope you adore it as much as I do. :)

Let's check out what Rina has created with Snowy Tree!

Thank you for stopping by today. See you tomorrow, friends! :)

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